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Frequently Asked Questions

In Spring 2022 we launched "MyChildAtSchool" (also known as MCAS).

This is a new online portal, one which is designed to increase the parental engagement between Parents and Schools by sharing key information about your child's day-to-day school information.

To access MCAS, simply visit www.mychildatschool.com. If you are unsure of your log-in details or have problems accessing MCAS, please contact Reception.

Naturally, over time we have been asked a number of questions and hope that the "Frequently Asked Questions" below help you to familiarise yourselves with the system. Nonetheless, we are always happy to speak to you individually to help you   

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  • What if I cannot log in to my account?
    • Firstly, make sure you log in to MCAS (and not Bromcom). This is a common mistake to make.
    • If you are using the app, please ensure you are usuing the most up-to-date version
  • What if I cannot find a Trip or Club on the MCAS account?
    • Once you are in your MCAS account go to the Dashboard on the left-hand side of your account.  There you will see a list of headings where you will see "Trips and Clubs" and other useful information
    • If what you are looking for is not within these headings, then go to "Outstanding Payments" as they may already be allocated
  • What if I cannot book Wraparound Care?
    • If you find that you are unable to book Wraparound Care, this will probably be due to the 3-day rule purchase date.
    • If you are within this period you will need to call Reception (i.e our Admin office) to see if we have any availability and/or to make the booking on your behalf.
  • What if I cannot book an After-School Club?

    After School Clubs have an allocated number of spaces available. If you find you are unable to book a specific club it probably means the club has reached capacity.

  • What if I unable to book a session because I am paying with vouchers?
    • If you are using vouchers to pay for a session, you can still reserve a space in MCAS without paying; the Admin' team will credit the account once they have received your vouchers.
  • What if I cannot see both siblings on one account?
    • If you go to your MCAS account, in the Left-Hand corner of the Profile/Dashboard you will see your child’s name – simply use the dropdown arrow and you will see the other sibling
  • What if I cannot activate my MCAS account?
    • Please make sure you use your main computer/laptop in the initial set up of your child’s account.
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