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KS1 Numeracy: Trial and Improvement

The Brown Family                          • Eggs in a Basket              • Find the Difference
• Five Steps to 50                            • Four Dom                       • Four Colours and Nine Colours
• Heads & Feet - and Noah's Ark         •The Tall Tower                  • Two- and Four-digit Targets
                                                                                                                                                                                   resources by NRICH

KS1 Numeracy: Working Systematically

• 6 Beads                                • Beads and Bags                    • Button Up
• City of Towers                        • Ladybirds in the Garden         • Robot Monsters
• Same Length Trains                 • School Fair Necklaces             • Three Ball Line Up
• Triangle Animals                     • Twice Dice                                                                 resources by NRICH

KS1 Numeracy: Number Patterns

Consecutive Numbers               • Domino Patterns                   • Domino Sets
Lots of Lollies                         • Ring a Ring of Numbers                                               resources by NRICH

Supporting Maths at Home

"Mathematics is the music of reason." James Joseph Sylvester

Recommended Online Resources

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More Free Resources and Recommended Websites

  • NRich Maths Project: Primary Students Homepage   
    Created by Cambridge University and features Maths resources to enrich learning, including games and activities. Both Primary and Secondary available.
  • National Centre for Excellence in Teaching of Maths: National Centre  
    Working with the Maths Hubs programme, these sets of questions, tasks and activities support teaching for mastery. These are mapped against the key topics of the primary National Curriculum for maths. They are produced in association with Oxford University Press
  • Maths Mastery Lessons: NCETM Online Lessons
    short maths videos aimed at primary age children
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