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Ogbourne C of E Primary School

Our Early Years Curriculum

Mrs Cathryn Ramsden(1)

Welcome from our Reception Teacher

In Reception, we are laying the foundations for a lifetime of learning. It's a place full of warmth, energy and activity, with children learning the fundamental skills they will need to begin the National Curriculum in Year One. These skills include:

  • Literacy - learning letters and sounds and using that knowledge to learn to read and write simple words.
  • Maths - understanding and using number, as well as exploring shape, space and measure. 
  • Communication & Language - plenty of opportunity to grow vocabulary and to develop confidence in speaking in front of others. We also work on listening, which can be quite tricky. 
  • Physical Development - developing and improving coordination and control of our bodies. This includes gross motor skills (big movements such as jumping and balancing) and fine motor skills (holding a pencil or a paintbrush to enable delicate small movements). 
  • Personal, Social & Emotional Development - learning how to handle all those big emotions that little children have. We spend a lot of time learning how to behave appropriately in school, how to be a good friend and how to resolve conflict.
  • Understanding the World - learning about the world we live in and the people, places and creatures that make it so exciting.
  • Expressive Arts & Design - experimenting with different media and construction materials. 

We follow the "Letters and Sounds" scheme and an entire programme of lessons, for those who would benefit from a little revision at home, can be found here: Letters and Sounds

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