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Ogbourne C of E Primary School

Our Christian Vision & Values Display

In May 2019 Staff and Governors were delighted to welcome members of Salisbury Diocese to join us for a day in which we explored our understanding of our Christian Vision & Values. As a result we - the children, the staff and the governors - designed  and created the image below to represent our Christian School and its place within our local community, our parish, our Diocese, and our Trust.


Our Ogbourne Dragon

The Dragon is our Church of England Primary school situated in the village of Ogbourne St. George. Our dragon is on an exciting adventure, a pilgrimage, flying high, helping us to soar to new heights with our faith, our values, our learning, and our love. On its back the four children, representing both our four classes and our four school houses, are set for a lifetime’s journey of wonder and discovery.

From its mouth shoot flames, the FIRE of our school values: Friendship, Integrity, Respect, and Effort. The gems which adorn its back are placed there by our pupils every time they are awarded a gem in recognition of living out these values. The eyes of the dragon are those of our Principal, guiding us on the path ahead. Close by the Little Dragons from our neighbouring nursery are looking up, excited to be joining us.

As a member of Salisbury’s Diocese, the Cathedral sits at both the heart of our school and of our image. The sun rising behind the cathedral is God bringing his Grace in to our lives; its rays are Jesus’ light guiding us through each day. The Holy Spirit pervades here through the images of doves flying over the flocks of sheep which are our local Christian community. This Holy Trinity is essential in our lives since the clouds and rain show we all have challenges which we must face Hope and Integrity. We are overseen by our Governors, shining wisely, working together, like stars in the sky with our Chair of Governors at their centre; we are kept safe from harm by the fences and rules which protect all around us for the common good.

We are proud of our beautiful natural surroundings – given to us as a gift from God - as shown through the flowers to the fore and Savernake Forest nearby: our environment nurtures us, helping us to grow and flourish. The River Og flows through our village, carrying a boat – our Curriculum – on its learning journey, a journey which is supported by the fish, our children’s parents. And on the hillsides all around us we can see the other schools in our family Trust, supporting us with friendship and care; the largest of these is our Trust Secondary School where some of our children will soon be beginning the next stage in their pilgrimage.

At the forefront of all of this is a candle, its flames burning brightly since we believe that, with such a wonderful start in life, everyone of our children has the potential to light up the world. Our children are candles waiting to be lit:

“”I am the light of the world,” Jesus said. “Whoever follows me
will have the light of life and will never walk in darkness
John 8.12

Below: The Children working together in Houses to create our Vision

Our Values in Action

In order for all of our children to actively engage with and understand our Christian Values we have created six simple actions, each of which link to our six Values.

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