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Ogbourne C of E Primary School

Being A Church Of England School


School & Parish Working In Partnership

A community (school and parish working in partnership) that nurtures:

  • the Christian story, in their own unique context, at the heart of their actions and words
  • an ethos of openness, welcome and service to all - those of faith and those of none
  • inspirational leaders of confidence and humility who work in chosen interdependence with others  [the DBE and wider educational community]
  • the highest quality inspirational teaching and creative learning
  • collaborative leadership and learning where adults and children love learning, within and across schools and parishes. 

In order to make this vision a reality each church school depends on the Headteacher, Staff and Governors working together to build a school community whose characteristic spirit, or ‘ethos’, is demonstrated by their

  • shared vision
  • work towards common aims
  • commitment to high quality relationships
  • adoption of Christian values in the curriculum and day to day running of the school.

What does "CofE" Really Mean?

The first Church of England and Methodist schools, many of which were derived from the Sunday School Movement of the 1780’s, taught children who were poor, whose parents worked in unskilled jobs, if at all, and were socially excluded or with little or no opportunity for social mobility.  This starting point has led to the development of schools that serve their local communities saying

“You are welcome, whoever you are, from whatever sector of society you come and whatever your abilities and talents may be.”

“The church school has evolved and developed a strong ethos of openness, welcome and service to all – those of faith and those of none. They are there for those who may be church-goers and equally for the majority who have no connection with organised religion at all.”

Salisbury Diocesan Board of Education Strategic Plan 2015-2018

This understanding has led to: a vision of distinctively Christian schools that nurture every child so that he or she

  • knows that Christians believe they are deeply loved and uniquely precious to God
  • knows they can bring about change in God’s world, actively serving others
  • feels they belong within the wider Christian community, knowing they are included and valued
  • is creative, curious, independent and yet a collaborative learner who makes great progress
  • is spiritually literate and asks big questions providing them with a foundation for life-long spiritual exploration
  • is able to reflect in depth on their emotions and express them precisely, underpinning their well-being and enabling them to articulate a personal vision for their life.
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